What’s the main point of “Concetti Contrastivi”. Suggest keywords for further exploration.

Sentenzia ChatGPT, a ciò sollecitato via Opera Developer:

The main issue: The critical analysis of digital technologies as social products and the need to unveil their ambiguities in an emancipated and emancipating manner is a political and cultural duty of a radical critique of the “platform society,” capable of deconstructing the techno-libertarian deception of the “surveillance knowledge society.”

  • Describing digital technologies as social products and exposing their ambiguities.
  • Emphasizing the need for a critical analysis to deconstruct the deceptive nature of the “platform society” and the “surveillance knowledge society.”
  • Highlighting the political and cultural responsibility of conducting an emancipated critique.


  1. “Platform society critique” – Platform society critique
  2. “Surveillance knowledge society” – Surveillance knowledge society
  3. “Emancipated critique of digital technologies” – Emancipated critique of digital technologies
  4. “Deconstructing techno-libertarian deception” – Deconstructing techno-libertarian deception
  5. “Social products of digital technologies” – Social products of digital technologies